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January 2008

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Oh, baby, I'm a fool for you,

Due to the fact that no one reads this, and all I really like writing about anymore is Muse, I'm leaving LJ.

There are better ways to spend my time.


People do read your journal, people just don't always reply when they don't know what to say.

I don't really listen to Muse, but I'll miss reading your entries. Um, I'm sorry I really haven't been that great of a friend lately.. It's just hard when you don't see the person anymore, though that's not much of an excuse. *hug* See you around, kiddo.
I second that motion.
Hey, dont do this. I know, i'm an asshole and a jerk and a million other things, none of them good, but this is all i've got left. Who cares if you only write about muse? The point is you write, and for some of us, thats the only way we know youre there anymore, let alone alright. Please think it through?
Yeah, well you should have thought about that before you talked.
Like i'd know youd react badly to a joke. Thats my point, i dont know how you react to anything anymore
It's your journal you know, you can write about whatever the fuck you want.
If people don't like it, it's not your problem.

I think you should stay.
it's ur choice, on how u want to spendur time,but i do read ur journals, since u live liek4 hours away form me, it's the only way we stay in touch, sorry that i dont'always reply~ good luck, have fun
please stay


Not sure if you'll ever get this but...

I'm sad you left. I just now got a thing on here. I would have talked to you. alas. oh well. maybe you'll come back one day. if you do, i'll be here to read and such. lots o love!
what? come on.